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Bobeth Elaine Samuels

1984 - 2020 
Dear concerned
family & friends


On behalf of myself and my family we'd like to say thank you for all the love and support and general concerns towards my sister’s well-being. Bobeth Elaine Samuels passed away on April 26 due to a brain aneurism. She was a beautiful soul and a loving heart, I'm sure anyone who came across her can agree.


I'm quite sure that everyone is aware of the times we live in right now and how much our lives have been altered these past few months. At this moment my family and I would like to open the door to any family & friends who would like to give a helping hand leading up to Bobeth's funeral. 

Below you'll notice an email and or PayPal Button you could use to transfer/Donate in aid of the upcoming funeral and not to mention her three young sons who are left to carry on her name. We truly, truly appreciate the overwhelming love we've received thus far,

Thank you.

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