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The Test of a Man

January 18, 2016

The Test of man is the fight that he makes.

The grit that he daily shows. 

The way that he stands upon his feet. 

And takes life's numerous bumps and blows.

A coward can smile, 

when there's not to fear. 

And Nothing, his progress bear.

But it takes a man to stand and cheer. 

While the other fellow stars. 

It isn't the victory after all, 

But the fight that a brother makes.

A man when driven against the wall,

Takes the blow of fate. 

With his head held high.

Bleeding, bruised, and pale!

Is the man who will win, fate defied.

For he isn't afraid to fail. 


Poem by

Wait For Me

December 03, 2015

The night is beautiful because you make it so. The way the moonlight illuminates every contour of your skin, does not do justice to highlight your grace. Wait for me tonight so I can bring you my light. Let us shine together.   










Passion In The Wind

October 09, 2015

Hold on to your passion. Don't let anyone or anything blow your passion away. Stay true to you. Whatever you desire, what ever you long for it already exists. It is up to you to find it, make it your reality. Your passion will lead you to that goal your trying to achieve or that person your trying to be. Hold on to it doesn't matter how ruff the winds of life blow, just hold on.

She Loves Me She Loves Me Not

October 09, 2015

Life is filled with memories. Some are easier to remember some you wish you forgot. Like the one when you really wanted her. Wondering and wishing if she really felt the same way or not. Loosing sleep and skipping meals because of what she done to you. But you still love her. Love can be foolish, blind, & hurtful. On flip side it can be beautiful, magically and up lifting. In the end you will never know if she loves you or loves you not until you make that move, so make it don't live your life in wonder.

Find Your Heart Find Your Love

October 09, 2015

Life is always changing. It can be hard to stay focused at times. Sometimes it seems like your brain it telling you one thing but your heart is telling you another. It can be a fine line between fantasy and reality, common sense and wishful thinking. Even though there are a lot focus on listening to your brain rather than your heart, I don't fully support that theory. Thinking logical all the time will keep you safe and mediocre. Only the ones that are willing to dream and take risks are the ones that reach heights that others thought were impossible or not real. Don't be afraid to dream. Life has taught me to use both your heart and brain in unison. The first step is to listen your heart then make your brain show you how to get there. So dream, dream, dream don't matter how impossible it may seem and believe it then let your brain master & coordinate the universe to make it happen.

Love Is In The Air

October 09, 2015

Remember that time when you saw her for the first time? It's like everywhere you look you see her. Your heart has a funny way of playing games with your eyes. When you are passion about someone or something, they can appear out of nowhere. It could have you seeing things that aren't there. This is truly magical. Love is the greatest human emotion that can move mountains and stars. It is what runs the universe.

Love Is In The Air 2

October 09, 2015

Personally I was never going to produce this piece. This is a special one because it was requested by a special lady who needed it done to match the female counter part previously made. It felt extremely fulfilling to me to know that I had no intention of creating this but because my work touches so many hearts it was just ment to be. Thank you to those who really enjoy my work. It is my pleasure to serve you.

The Three Musketeers

October 09, 2015

Be bold, strong, brave and beautiful; just like the Three Musketeers.

First Night Out

October 09, 2015

Vary, vary, vary special piece to me. I have been drawing all my life but I recently taught myself how to water colour and this was my vary first water colour painting. The excitement, fear and bravery of trying something new is relived in me every time I see this piece. It is inspiring to know what you can do when you put your mind to it try something new. It was a successful First Night Out.

Don't Worry About A Thing

October 09, 2015

Arguably the biggest figure in the Jamaican community. An extremely inspiring individual. His love and passion for life is so strong it is felt around the world. His music brings a calm to my soul. His quote, "...when music hits you, you feel no pain" That is how I feel about my art. It truly comes from the heart. He taught me to live stress free and not to worry about a thing, because it's going to be alright.

Simple Day

October 09, 2015

It was a simple day. Woke up at 5am, paint, gym, paint some more. I couldn't ask for anything more. Life can get so busy and frustrating at times but when you have simple days like this, you cherish them. They don't come by as often as they should but thank God when they do. Take the time to reflect and live in the moment. Relax and let your body heal because trials are ahead.

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