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Top 3 Habits of The Rich

Top 3 Success Habits of the Rich

Good Morning You already know what day it is right!? Yes it's Monday so that means it's Motive Monday brought to you by your's Truly Edward O'connor. Ok so lets get you motivated with this weeks post. The Top 3 success habits of the Rich.

1) Read Everyday

Reading is essential for learning. Some of the most successful swear by reading everyday to keep them informed and inspire new ideas. Billionaire author JK Rowling read everything she said as a child. Billionaire Bill Gates reads 1 hour before bed and Billionaire Mark Cuban reads 3 hours a day. It’s no surprise these individuals are are leaders in their industry.

2) Wake Up Early

Waking up early can be one of the most difficult but most rewarding activity you can add to your life. I myself wake up 5am everyday to work on my business. It may take about 21 days to a full month to get this habit down packed but trust me it will change your world. Famous early risers include Marissa Mayer CEO of Yahoo, Sir Richard Branson CEO of Virgin Group and Robert Iger CEO of Disney.

3) Stay Fit

People love to avoid the they gym or any physical activity, with the popular excuse I have too much work to do. In fact that is a contradiction because staying fit is not just for health benefits. Having a healthy active lifestyle can boost creativity, increase productivity and overall makes you much smarter on your feet. I always feel much more alert and ready to attack the world after a great workout at the gym


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Thank you & have a blessed day.

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