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5 Tips for a Healthy Breakfast

5 Tips for a Healthy Breakfast

It's Thursday so here is another Health Tip Thursday from your's truly Edward O'connor. Eating Breakfast is not only just the most important meal of the day it is a great way to sit down and reflect on the past week, bond with your family and plan your day ahead. Try to wake up early and make your self a healthy breakfast and plan your day for success. Hear are 5 tips to a healthier breakfast experience.

  1. Add Protein to your meal Protein will help to keep you full. Try making some Eggs or egg whites, almond butter or peanut butter spread on a slice of whole wheat bread. Drink a cup of low fat milk.

  2. Add a Fresh fruit to your meal Eat a whole apple or pear, drink cup of freshly squeezed orange juice or a have a cup of blueberries. These are all great options. Eating fruit in the morning will get your doctor’s recommended dose of fibre, vitamin and minerals along with potassium and vitamin C

  3. Don’t forget your Whole Grains Oatmeal, slice of whole wheat bread, whole grain cereal and whole wheat muffin and great examples. Weather your trying to loose weight or not do not skip your carbs in the morning. It may be your only meal of the day that will give you energy so you don’t have a mid-day crash and run straight to the vending machine.

  4. Eat seated and relaxed Always try to be mindful of the activity you are doing. This means sit down, relax and enjoy your meal. Do not rush and eat it on the go. I myself need to work on this one. When you are seated calm and relaxed, you taste the food better, your body digest better and you have an overall stronger, richer experience to your meal.

  5. Take your time Eating slowly will send signals to your brain letting you know that your are eating. It will allow your body to properly prepare for the activity and make you feel fuller quicker, thus making you consume less. Eating too quickly can lead to a stuffed feeling and lead to you taking in more calories that your body actually needs. There you have it 5 tips to a great, healthier morning breakfast experience.

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Thank you & have a blessed day.

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