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Happy Mother's Day + More!

Good Morning I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Once again Monday is back so here is another Motive Monday. Since this past weekend was one of the most special days of the year, being Mother’s Day, it’s only fit to make this Motive Monday’s topic about Showing Gratitude. Believe it or not the most successful people in the world ranging from Opera Winfrey, Will Smith and Bill Gates all practice Gratitude on a daily basis. Gratitude is the action of showing appreciation, kindness and just giving thanks to those in your life without expecting anything in return.

I give thanks to God everyday for the blessings he's given me in my life but on Mother’s Day I made it a special day to show Gratitude to the Mothers in my life that help make me the person I am today. I took my Mother, Grandmother, Girlfriend & her Mother out for a night on the town I made sure they knew how special they are to me in my life but really it made me feel special to have them!

Here are 3 other ways you can show Gratitude to others in your life too.

1) Make a List

Write a list of all the good things someone has done for you and and read it out loud to them. This will make that person feel appreciation past what he or she even realized.

2) Public Appreciation Acknowledge someone you love dearly in public. Try not to embarrass them though, do it real classy, like say a brief Toast over lunch or a quick thank you to a co-worker before the shift starts. This will really boost their confidence and bring a joy to your heat too.

3) Be a Friend on Social Media This is the New School Gratitude in effect. Post a positive, inspirational message of your favourite social media platform. Something that uplifts people rather than reminding them about what world tragedy CNN is replaying again. You can make this even more personal by tagging someone in the post to show them you were thinking about them when you posted this.

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Thank you & have a blessed day.

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