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10 Tips to Live Longer!

Good morning

Here is another Health Tip Thursday for you. I think you will definitely enjoy this one! Here are 10 Tips to Live Longer. Ok forgive me I know I said 10 Tips but below are only 5, you have to wait till next week Thursday to get the full list. I'm sorry.................well not really, I like building suspense and I love when you read my emails every week :)

Ok so let's get started!

10) Eat 7 Walnuts a day

Walnuts especially are rich in Omega-3 fats that are essential to optimum health. Eating 7 walnuts a day can improve and strengthen your heart, directly adding at least another 5years to your heart.

9) Eat only 80% of your food As bad as it sounds it's True. If you leave 20% of your food back on your plate it will keep you from being too full. This will aid to your longevity plus loose weight.

8) Increase strength and stability

Everyday try to balance on one leg for 10sec at then switch legs and repeat the activity. Do this for a total of 3 sets. Doing this activity every day will increase the strength in your thigh muscles along with your balance. This will keep you from developing weak thighs in your older age and keep you from falling. Studies show that falling over is the number one reason for injury in seniors.

7) Reduce your stress with a Power Nap

Throughout your busy day your heart rate will start to rise witch increases stress. Once per day ruffly 7-8hours after you have woken up, find a comfortable quite spot to take a 10min nap. This could be in your bedroom, backyard or even your car. Studies show that countries where people have time to take a quick nap from their hectic day, actually slows down the heart rate, reduces stress and live longer.

6) Eat Purple Foods

Eating purple foods will help keep your brain healthier by adding and repairing damaged or loss connections. When our brain has too many broken connections it leads to Dementia. Eat purple foods to resolve this issue.

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Thank you & have a blessed day.

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