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No Excuse to Learn!

Good morning.

Once again it is Monday, so here is another Motive Monday with yours truly Edward O'connor. I hope your not tired of me yet, because I am here to stay! Ok so let's jump into it. This Motive Monday is, No Excuse to Learn. There are plenty of people out there who love to throw around the excuse of, "Ohh well I didn't know, Ohh nobody every told me, Ohh I didn't have money for school" and on and on and on. Let me tell you, the more excuses you have the higher your success for failure will be. If you feel uneasy about what I just said, that is ok, even I was one those "Ohh I didn't know" people before too. Up until one day I decided to change all that. I told myself it is time to change my future, it's time to learn about business and finance, and learn how to take control of my life and not let others control me.

Like I said before, "there are no excuses to learning". If you don't know, go find out, if nobody told you before, go find out for yourself, and who said you need to spend Thousands on school when 90% all the information we need is out there for free or basically dirt cheap compared to tuition from any major college or university. In my thirst for knowledge I found out something, everything we need is out there at our finger tips and in todays world it is a thousand times easier! to be successful than any time before. If no one told you before, then let me be the first to welcome you to the Information Age. We are no longer in the Industrial Age when we had to slave away at some factory and mindlessly trade out your time for for dollars. There is New Money being made and it is up to you to keep up with the times or get left behind or even worse, be rendered obsolete when your company replaces you with some cheap machine that doesn't get sick or ask for vacation.

Don't waste your time playing video games or watching the news, when there are too many opportunities out there to turn your life around.

Here are some of my favourite Tools to learn.

1. The Internet

The most controversial tool of them all, is hands down the Internet. It's been out now for about 30 years now and even though people say don't trust everything you read on the internet there are still Hundreds of thousands of useful information on there if you know where to look. The bare basic breakdown is to do a Google search for what you need. Google is the #1 search engine in the world for one reason; Relevancy. It's search algorithm is way better than Yahoo, Bing etc. because it shows information to you that is geared to answer your question the best.

2. Good old books

Books have been out way longer than the internet, but still a lot of people refuse to take advantage of this simple tool, but would rather pay thousands on school fees, with no guarantee of a job when they graduate (but that's a different story for different blog :) Get up off you're lazy ass and go to the library. Actually take some time out and read there not just go there to use the library's printer because yours ran out of ink. Haha I have done that a couple times.

3. Seminars & Workshops

Your own city should have plenty of courses on business, entrepreneurship and finance that they offer. Just visit your local City council or check out there website and inquire. There are also hundreds of private workshops that you were probably not aware of. A great way to learn about what workshops are going on around you is to visit the website and download their app. You will be absolutely amazed by the amount of activity going on around you and how much of them are free!

4. YouTube & Udemy is the second largest search engine in the world and it is also owned by Google. This video sharing site is not just to what cats doing cool things or stupid people doing outrageously stupid things, even though it makes for a good laugh. YouTube is a wealth of knowledge delivered to you in the most effective way online, through video. There is a video about almost anything on YouTube so take advantage of this free resource. Now because of YouTube's massive free inventory you can drown in a sea of information that may be distracting at times, then you can try out This tool is virtually an online University. They have courses on there, taught by real life professionals. Extremely high quality information, no fluff. Check it out some courses are free others can range from $40-$60. Still a thousand times cheaper than school.


My absolute favourite resource to date. along with their free app to go, has taught me wold of information that has changed my life. I have learned about, business, finance, marketing, history, self confidence and on and on. Everything I learned they've been teaching in school but instead I listened to these online audio books for $15-$25 a piece.

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog, I know it was a little bit longer than others but I felt like it needed to be said. I'll see you again next Motive Monday.

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Thank you & have a blessed day.

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