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Health Tip Thursday #21

Good morning Welcome back to another Health Tip Thursday with Artist Edward O'connor. Ok lets jump right into it with todays Health Tips.

1) Keep blood pressure down with Potassium

If you suffer from high blood pressure studies show that eating foods rich in potassium such as bananas cantaloupe, and oranges can help to restore your pressure back to normal.

2) Hmmm Garlic

Studies show that Garlic and onions can boost the immune system to help fight of bacteria and viruses that can be brought on during cold winters. Try adding small pieces of raw or lightly cooked Garlic and unions to your meal.

3) Tea Tree to the rescue

If you get cases of bad athletes foot, you should try soaking your feet in Tea Tree Oil. Try soaking your feet for 2-3x a day for about a week and half. It shows to be just as good or better than over the counter medications.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Health Tip Thursday, don’t forget to visit to see all my new art pieces and send me an email at if you are interested in work for yourself. If you want to see more exciting Blog posts you've missed click here Please do me a favour and Forward this email to anyone you know will enjoy it as much as you did.

Thank you & have a blessed day.

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