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The Power of Figs

Good morning

This weeks Health Tip Thursday will cover the amazing powers of this super fruit. Figs have have plenty of health benefits lets run through them.

1) Great source of Iron

Dried figs contain plenty of iron. We need iron in our body to help transport oxygen through our body so we don't get tired.

2) Sex Booster

For centuries Figs have been know as one of the best fruits to cure sexual disfunction. It can assist with Erectile disfunction, stamina and Sterility.

3) No more diarrhea

Figs have 5g of Fibre in every 3 servings of figs. This high fibre content assists in bowel movement and helps to keep constipation under control

4) More facts

Figs also help to prevent Coronary Heart disease, keep bones strong and is also the fruit recommended for diabetic patience.

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