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Shine where you stand

Good morning and welcome back to another Motive Monday. Let's get right to it.

There was a boy that grew up in extreme poverty. His family live in a small shack with barely anything to eat. At 7 years old he worked in the sugar fields, not a vary bright future. He worked next to a old, dirty, unmaintained golf course. This golf course fascinated him though. One day he made his own golf club out of a stick and use bottle caps as the the ball. He played all day with this stick and cap until one day someone noticed him and actually helped him get a job at the golf course, for nothing more than .30cents a day. He worked hard and on his spare time he would practice golf with an actual golf club and ball. He kept getting better and better. Eventually in his early 20s he got hired as a full-time cabbie and on one of his shifts a professional golfer at the time noticed how talented this young boy was. He decided to train him. Now this young boys skills got much better than before and now he is a Professional Golfer himself, winning 8 tournaments in the PGA Tour, Named Best Golfer of the Year, and went on to start his own organization to help youths in similar circumstances like his own. This famous Golfer is Chi Chi Rodriguez.

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Thank you & have a blessed day.

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