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The Journey Begins Today

Hey, how are you?

I am super excited to let you know that I completed my first biblical painting ever! Today marks the first day of my journey to complete several series of paintings depicting Black History as told from the Bible. This series of paintings will revolve around Genesis, the first book of the Bible. I depicted the classic story of creation when Yahawah (God) created Adam & Eve. I really wanted to stay as true to the scriptures description as possible while holding back my urges to add my own opinions to the scene. My goal for these series of paintings is to depict the Truth about the scripture to the best of my abilities. This is also the largest Canvas painting I have ever done to date, measuring 5'x6' feet. It took me about a month and a half just to paint, this is not including all the research, building of the canvas and photo shoots for my models that I done prior. Thank you to my lovely models for assisting me in making this all come together I couldn't have done it without you. Below you will find the month and 1/2 time laps condensed to 2 minute video of my Adam & Eve painting titled "In The Beginning." Watch and enjoy!

If you love this piece and are interested in owning a print or the original CLICK HERE to see the full details. Want to see the rest of my gallery of work CLICK HERE. All my Email Subscribers always get the latest news first. This week I started shooting my models for my next painting depicting the death of Abel from the hands of his brother Cain. This will be another epic and dramatic scene from this Genesis series, so just wait for it. Thank you for your time if you loved this email please share it with someone else you think might like it as well.

Take Care

Edward O'connor

Portraits & Murals

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